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75,0 x 33,0 mm (L x H) Panel fitted

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EV3B is a range of elegantly designed basic controllers for the management of bottle coolers, refrigerated cabinets, tables and pizza counters.
They are available in compact and standard 74 x 32 mm format. The user interface consists of a larger than average custom display, with decimal point and function icons, and four touch keys. It guarantees IP65 protection for easy cleaning.
Some controllers have a 30 res. A @ 250 VAC electromechanical relay for the direct control of high power compressors, avoiding the use of contactors.
Others are extremely thin; all have adaptive management of the defrost function and can implement energy-saving strategies.
Model EV3B43 is an innovative solution for bottle coolers. The learning algorithm based on the habitual weekly use of the unit provides a 42% certified energy saving compared to an ordinary controller.
Installation is by panel, with snap-in brackets.
Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 11 × 12 × 11 cm
Power supply



Analog inputs

Digital inputs


Relay compressor

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