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COD: EV3233N9

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75,0 x 33,0 mm (L x H) Panel fitted

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EV3 200 is a range of controllers for the optimised, high energy-efficiency management of refrigerated units at normal, low, static or fan-driven temperatures. A compact stylish design (74x32mm panel-fitted, 4 capacitive touch keys and IP65 protection), the range includes basic temperature regulators, standard controllers with TTL port, controllers with RS-485 port and controllers compatible with the EVconnect app.
The energy-saving strategies, including adaptive defrost and set-point adjustment, are combined with compressor protection functions and the possibility of driving high-power compressors, up to 2 HP, without the need for additional hardware (in models fitted with electro-mechanical relay, 30 A res. @ 250 VAC).
For basic real-time functions, such as RTC defrost and recording 9 alarms, the clock module is available in the built-in version or the version which is connected externally, while for advanced functions concerning HACCP data traceability, models EV3292 and EV3294 can be connected to Bluetooth BLE 4.0 (EVlink BLE) interfaces or Wi-Fi (EVlink Wi-Fi) interfaces whose connectivity enables interaction with the unit from mobile devices through the EVconnect app for Android and iOS or from the Internet through the EPoCA cloud platform respectively. For more details, please visit the “Remote management and monitoring products/systems” section of our website.
Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 11 × 12 × 11 cm
Power supply


Analog inputs


Relay compressor

Other standard

digital inputs, alarm buzzer, MODBUS TTL

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