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Compact, low capacity ultrasonic humidifier

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  • Automatic draining system, stops bacteria proli­-ferating
  • Protection against no inlet water
  • Less maintenance required when demineralised water is used
  • Self-extinguishing plastic
  • Built-in controller with simple, intuitive LED user interface


Fan coils

When a room is heated with a convection heating system, where heat is transferred by the movement of liquids (natural or forced), the air can often become very dry and filled with suspended dust particles. To ensure maximum comfort, it is advisable to install a humidity control system alongside the heating. Compact ultrasonic humidi­fiers are often connected to fan coils as they are easy to maintain and hygienic and provide considerable energy savings piezoelectric transducers vibrate, producing an ultra-fine mist which is quickly absorbed in the air, humidifying it without having to heat the water.

Preservation, transportation and display of fresh produce

Preservation of fresh produce depends not only on maintaining the right temperature but also the right humidity level. One of the main advantages of humidification is that it helps reduce dehydration of products which lose on average 2 – 6% of their weight almost immediately after going on display Adia­ batic humidification also helps keep produce cool, as heat is removed from the air by evaporation When food like fruit, vegetables, meat and fish is humidified, it is more saleable because it is healthier, fresher and more visually appealing.

Temperature/humidity/food processing units and rooms

When food is conserved and transformed in a refrigerateci atmosphere, water tends to condense on the evaporating coils. An ex ternai source of humidity is therefore needed to prevent loss of weight and deterioration. When curing meats, humidity is crucial to make up for loss of moisture, while when aging cheeses it prevents the surface cracking (especially in hard cheeses).

Wine cellars

Aging wine is a delicate operation which calls for carefully controlled tempe­ rature and humidity levels, especially when aging in wooden barrels. When the air is too dry, the staves on the barreI can become dry and the wine can eva­ porate excessively, causing loss of produci and forcing producers to top up the barrels. During aging or conservati on in the bottie, if there is not enough humidity, the cork can shrink and the wine oxidises.

Weight 2,0 kg
Dimensions 85 × 126 × 173 cm
Power supply

production capacity

1.0 Kg/h




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